Amsterdam’s Leading Innovators Pioneering Revolutionary Clean Energy Solutions

Clean energy plays an instrumental role in the modern quest for sustainable development, combating climate change, and protecting our natural environment. No wonder an increasing number of companies are embracing green solutions in their operations. Whereas these pioneering entities are spread all over the globe, the city of Amsterdam in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, has grown to be a significant hub of clean energy innovation. Numerous enterprises focusing on clean energy have set up their headquarters in Amsterdam, where they continually advance the sector by providing trailblazing solutions. This article takes a deep dive into a few of these companies.

The clean energy sector encompasses various fields, including AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Energy Management, Software, and more. As such, the companies headquartered in Amsterdam cover a broad spectrum of industry niches, offering solutions that range from renewable energy to energy efficiency, renewables, and software-driven clean energy management. The vast appeal of these technologies is undeniable, as evidenced by the global footprint of these Amsterdam-based companies, and their innovative solutions are being adopted worldwide.

Below is an overview of various companies that are doing outstanding work in the clean energy sector, based in Amsterdam. Each of these companies brings its unique approach to tackling energy efficiency, sustainability, and decarbonization, offering an array of exciting solutions. Let’s get a comprehensive view of each of these trailblazers.

Nova Lumos

Founded by Adam Howard and Davidi Vortman, Nova Lumos specializes in residential off-grid rooftop solar electricity generation systems. These systems have the capacity to power lights and a range of DC appliances, such as small televisions, fans, and phone chargers. Keep tabs on their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Rockstart is empowering purpose-driven founders in the Energy, AgriFood, and Emerging Technologies spheres. Founded by Don Ritzen, Koen Wagemakers, Oscar Kneppers, and Rune Theill, the company expands access to capital, market, and expertise by linking founders with co-investors, mentors, partners, and their wider network. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey, founded by Mels Hoolwerff and Pieter Versluijs, is championing solar panel investments. They guarantee energy yield from their advanced measurement methods, ensuring you achieve a great annual return on investment. They can be found on Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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