Alabama Waste Management Innovations: Spotlight on Birmingham-Based Enterprises

Futurology Magazine: Innovative Companies in Waste Management – Birmingham, Alabama

Waste management is an ever-evolving industry, particularly in regions like Birmingham, Alabama where its impacts on public health and the environment are being more critically examined. This article spotlights companies that are addressing these challenges head on with innovative solutions. These companies are transforming the face of waste management, from health care and clean tech to environmental consulting and recycling.

Birmingham is a vibrant hub for a variety of waste management companies who use technology to improve processes, provide effective solutions, and contribute towards a sustainable future. In this article, we discuss companies based in Birmingham, Alabama dedicating their resources to making waste management efficient and environmentally friendly.

Here is a selection of the city’s most notable companies in this domain:


Operating in the Cleantech, Healthcare, Waste Management, and Water industries, this company has established a reputable presence in Birmingham’s corporate landscape. MAWSS is leading the pack with its proven commitment to the growth and development of the region. You can also look up their profiles on @MAWSSAL/ and Linkedin.

Field Culture Compost

Founded by Alexander Thompson and Matt Nesbitt, Field Culture Compost is a community-scale composting company that is enhancing environmental sustainability in the city by turning organic waste into valuable products for the community. Visit their Facebook page for more.

Waste-Away Group

Waste-Away Group is a second and third generation family-owned business that began as a one-truck operation and has since grown into a multifunctional market leader in waste management. Check them out on Facebook, @Wasteawaygroup and Linkedin.

Dexter Fortson Associates

Located in Birmingham, Dexter Fortson Associates operates within Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Waste Management, and Water sectors, providing tailored solutions that enhance business and environmental outcomes.

Advance Plumbing & Septic

Advance Plumbing & Septic provides full-service, residential and commercial sewer and septic services, showcasing its commitment to both environmental sustainability and public health.


CEAssociates offer consulting services in various fields like water resources, water and wastewater management, and project management. They serve a plethora of clients across public and private sectors, reinforcing their extensive reach and impact.

Wise Environmental Solutions

Incorporating environmental consulting, environmental engineering, training and waste management into its operations, Wise Environmental Solutions is a key player in the industry. Visit their Facebook page or connect with them on Linkedin.


Specializing in recycling, waste management, and wood processing, Evolutia is doing incredible work in reclaiming waste materials and repurposing them in meaningful ways. Follow their journey on Facebook, @evolutiamade, and Linkedin.

The companies listed here highlight the rich and diverse landscape of waste management companies in Birmingham, Alabama. They are helping shape a future where waste is less of a burden on our natural environment and more of an opportunity for re-use and reinvention.

Written by Mark Smith

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