Accra: The Emerging Hub for Innovative Solar Tech Companies in Ghana

The future of energy and sustainability lies in renewable energy, especially in a continent like Africa, where the sun is abundant year-round. Accra, Greater Accra, in the heart of Ghana, has become a hub for some incredible companies that are leading the solar industry and shattering norms with their innovative and sustainable solutions.

Each of these companies is driven by the common goal of harnessing the power of the sun to create affordable, renewable energy for every household, business, and organization across the region. With sustainable practices, industry innovations, and a focus on the communities they serve, these enterprises are lighting the path towards a greener future.

This article will spotlight several companies operating in the solar industry, each with headquarters located in Accra, Ghana. Each company profile will include links to their websites and social media platforms, providing in-depth information and context about the work they do, the industries they serve, and the innovations they are bringing to the global energy stage.


PEG is an asset financing company offering Pay As You Go solar energy products to off-grid customers in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal. Founded by Hugh Whalan and Nate Heller in 2013, they focus on providing customers with better lighting, mobile phone charging, and appliances like radios and televisions, powered by their solar systems. Beyond just providing energy solutions, PEG is geared towards improving the quality of life for their customers.

Ngoya Etix DC (Ghana)

Ngoya Etix DC is a carrier-neutral data centre based in Accra with current capacity of 170 racks which is expandable to 680 racks. The company is a front-runner in the solar industry, using advanced solar energy systems in the midst of the data center and internet industry to offer innovative solutions that cater to today’s tech-driven society.

WorldTech Consult

WorldTech Consult provides solutions that sustain life, with advanced technology in solar energy and ice thermal energy storage. They offer a network of cold rooms, solar-powered irrigation, and entrepreneurship training. Their innovative use of technology offers clean drinking water and renewable energy, especially for those in need. They are playing a significant role in addressing food preservation and irrigation challenges using solar energy.

Wilkins Engineering

Wilkins Engineering makes significant strides in areas of environmental engineering, industrial and renewable energy, and solar. Their contribution to the environmental engineering sector with solar energy solutions is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and innovation in the ever-expanding renewable energy industry.

Africa Leading Edge Limited

Africa Leading Edge Limited goes a step further as an enterprise with a unique focus on both real estate development and solar energy solutions. In their homes, the use of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) technology provides cooling, saving homeowners 60-70% on electricity bills. Further plans to incorporate solar energy to light up houses using Africa’s abundant sunshine underline their commitment to using renewable energy sources while developing communities.

Mall 4 Solar

Mall 4 Solar, founded by Bako Ambianda, is an innovative e-commerce platform for Portable, Pay-As-You-Go, Off-Grid Solar Products, Project Financing, and Distribution. Their unique use of the online marketplace helps connect a network of property owners, manufacturers, distributors, installers, finance providers, service providers, facility managers, and project developers to grow the global solar community.

These companies are pioneering innovative, sustainable, and affordable solutions towards a greener and more energy-efficient Africa. From e-commerce platforms selling solar products to companies providing life-saving solutions using advanced technology, the future of the solar industry has never looked brighter.

Written by Mark Smith

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